The ARTIFY JACO Project is an organization working to promote art in the thriving beach town of Jaco, Costa Rica. Jaco is a beautiful town on the Pacific Coast where the ocean meets the mountains, and a very touristic destination for surfing, sport-fishing, and other outdoor activities. ARTIFY JACO is trying to focus on the artistic side of things. We would like to see our community become an art-oriented society where imagination is expressed freely.

Our vision for the future of Jaco is for the people of the community (especially the children) to be surrounded by art inspired by the local flora & fauna with positive informative messages reminding us to Recycle, dispose of garbage properly, love each other despite our differences, and care for our planet.

In 2016, Jaco had it’s first big mural installation painted by DOURONE, a team of two artists from France and Spain. The ARTIFY JACO project was founded in October of 2016, and started painting a sequence of wings around the community, calling the project #findyourwings or #buscatusalas. The wings are painted by various local artists and are labeled with hashtags so that people can take pictures in front of the wings to repost on social media using the hashtags. The wings are an ongoing project and we look forward to seeing more wings popping up in the future. Our vision is to highlight the community with unique, original artwork by professional artists from all over the world, creating a new reason to visit Jaco.

In 2017, we have been busy with bigger goals. In June, local Boruca artist Melvin “Kamel” Gonzalez painted an amazing Jaguar mural. In July, two large murals are being installed by world famous artists Jade Rivera from Peru and Farid Rueda from Mexico. Several smaller murals are popping up around the community as well. Some affiliated with Artify Jaco, but others that are not, which is exciting! We hope the idea and the message to continue the art and love for nature should spread like wild fire!


We are currently working on finding more walls in the community to paint, as well as seeking funding and sponsors that can help make this mission possible. Contact us to find out how you can help.